.NG Domain Names

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.NG Extensions 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year
.ng N7,500 N18,000 N24,000 N42,000 N30,000
.com.ng N2,100 N4,400 N6,600 N8,800 N11,000
.net.ng N2,100 N4,400 N6,600 N8,800 N11,000
.org.ng N2,100 N4,400 N6,600 N8,800 N11,000
.sch.ng N2,100 N4,400 N6,600 N8,800 N11,000
.name.ng N2,100 N4,400 N6,600 N8,800 N11,000
.edu.ng N10,000 N20,000 N30,000 N40,000 N50,000
.gov.ng N10,000 N20,000 N30,000 N40,000 N50,000

.Net.Ng Requirements

.net.ng is a closed domain. Registrants in the .net.ng SLD are required to be licensed Internet Service or Telecoms Providers.

To register a .net.ng, the applicant is either:
  • A company registered with the Corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria.
  • A partnership as defined by the Partnership laws of Nigeria.
  • A sole trader.
The registrant must provide us with a copy of the Nigerian Communications Commission license for the provision of Internet and Telecoms services before it can be approved..

.Edu.Ng Requirements

The .edu.ng domains are closed domains. This means that is strictly for a chosen industry/group.

To register a .edu.ng, you must provide the following documentation:
  • The school must be a tertiary institution i.e ( university, polytechnics).
  • The school must provide their certificate of accreditation from NUC.
  • The school must provide a letter of authorization, authorizing you to register the domain name on their behalf.
  • The school must also provide the contact details of a senior staff to act as the contact for the domain.
All these details could be scanned and sent by email to us.

.Gov.Ng Requirements

To register a .gov.ng, you would have to send a scanned letter on the letterhead of the ministry or state government parastatal that plans to register the domain name to support@qservers.net.

The letter must be addressed to NIRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association) and contain the domain name to be registered and the name of the person authorized by the agency to register the domain.

This authorized person must be working at the ministry and the following details should be stated in the letter
  • Full name of the authorized person
  • Designation
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Contact address
Once this has been sent, your request would be veted and NITDA would proceed to confirm that your request is genuine. It should take about 2 week for your domain to be registered and activated.

Do note however that you may only register a .gov.ng domain name at the fourth level of the state, (e.g. watercorporation.os.gov.ng) as this is an instruction enforced by NITDA.