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24 hours customer service experience and prompt service response time

Komani Tamunokepreye
29 August, 2017
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The only hosting company that calls their customers just to check on them.. Qservers is simply the best..

Akuma Isaac
4 October, 2017
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Qservers is one of Nigerias foremost webhosting company and so far no one has beaten you on your game…Keep the fire burning and your clients smiling all the way. Thumbs up.

Edidiong Itong M
6 October, 2017
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Qservers you really doing a great job. Your uptime indeed is like no other. Keep up the good work.

Paul Edafe
11 September, 2017
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known qservers for their efficiency…thumbs up!

Miderin Onobanjo
11 September, 2017
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Good service experience, good customer care help line, server up-time is excellent

Adenaike Adeyinka
10 October, 2017
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QServers packages are affordably priced, offer great customer support, and deliver an overall.

Adebayo Daniella
31 October, 2017
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Thanks for the prompt customer service you guys render. I always love doing business with Qservers…One Million thanks.

Ubong Udofot
22 December, 2017
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They gave me want i paid for and also gives me superb support when i send across a mail to them.

Sunshine Alias
18 April, 2018
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“Good place”

Adeyinka Adeniran
19 April, 2018
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“Great customer service agent”

Sammie P
18 May, 2018
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“A lovely company with excellent customer support”

Merit Peters
17 July, 2018
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“Qservers is the best web hosting provider in Nigeria. They have great customer care support.”

Fred Chinagorom
25 July, 2018

“Qservers have the best tech/customer support I’ve seen so far.”

Dolapo Temikan
13 September, 2018
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“Was there for interview and it happened to be a nice place”

Adeleke Dare
16 September, 2018
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“Affordable web hosting company with the best customer support team.”

Damilola Zedomi
17 September, 2018
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“Qservers has the best customer support service.. Kudos to you guys!!”

Nneoma Christian
20 September, 2018
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“Easy to navigate website with customer friendly services, my hosting experience with them have been great!”

Daphne Ijogbe
25 September, 2018
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“Reliable 24 hours support, I have not had any issues since I started using this hosting company.”

Esther Uchanma Israel
4 October, 2018
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“Great uptime ! Outstanding technical support and prompt response. Am so enjoying their services”

Ourch Peters
11 October, 2018
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5 Stars!

Azeez Isau
24 October, 2018
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“Great services provided by QServers. I’ll recommend them to others :)”

Williams Alfred
1 November, 2018
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“Nice one. I love Qservers. Their hosting experience is second to none.”

Sunday Mba
11 December, 2018
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“Qservers are simply the best host company i ever have used and known. Thank so much Qservers”

Oluwatomisin Dabiri-Adejobi
9 January, 2019
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“when it comes to customer service, up-time and speed, qservers is the very best”

Joshua Erinosho
16 January, 2019
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“A hosting company with flexible and convenient services. The customer care is very good.”

Seun Taylor
30 January, 2019
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“Q-Servers, the best Web-Hosting in Africa…”

Hassan Mamud
1 February, 2019
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“It’s cool”

Onovbiona Prosper
7 February, 2019
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“Qservers has so far exceeded my expectation.”

Abdulwasi'i Ilyas
26 February, 2019
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“Amazing support service, great server uptime. I highly recommend Qservers”

Henry Emmanuel
28 March, 2019
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“For what it’s worth, i don’t usually leave reviews but they have the best customer care.”

Joshua Oluwaseyi
18 April, 2019
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“One of the best web hosting and domain servers in Nigeria. Tested and tried.”

Christopher Emeka
25 April, 2019
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5 Stars!

Y.A. Adinoyi
26 April, 2019
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“What I enjoy most about qservers amongst so many other things is their prompt support”

Zmatz Company
7 May, 2019
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5 Stars!

Ndubuisi Mba
16 May, 2019
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“Positive experience so far. Great service”

Chimdike Moses
20 June, 2019
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4 Stars

Gabriel Adekoya
24 June, 2019
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“Good customer service and tech support”

Abada Samuel
22 July, 2019

“Thanks for your support. You guys are too much sha!”

Akeem Rotimi
12th December, 2022


you are amazing”

Ayodele Balogun
1st February, 2023

“Thank you for your assistance. Qservers is the best. I tell everyone!”

Chibuzor Okechukwu
2nd February, 2023

“Thanks a lot!
You guys services are awesome.”

Emmanuel Ogbaji
2nd February, 2023
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“Just conducive and beautiful workplace”

30th January, 2023

“It has been a thing of joy ever since I decided to host my websites with Qservers. I have been enjoying premium support since then, and their services are affordable and top notch”

Nkese Ogbechie
14 February, 2023

“So far we at www.unity.ng are happy and satisfied with QServers technical support and customer care services.”

Okpara Okechukwu D
29 January, 2021

“Having experienced downtime from other hosting companies ourselves, both for our personal projects, and for client projects, we can’t help but appreciate the uptime we enjoy using QServers.net. They have also been awarded “Great Uptime” by HostAdvice.com to show just how good their uptime is. They’ve got an awesome support team too, sometimes I wonder if they sleep. Great job!”

Koodu Creative
11th December, 2018

“The Technical team are swift in response and always provided real-time support and solutions to the challenges I brought.”

John Veeq
6th September, 2018

“Have been using Qservers for 5 years and still the best so far to me.”

Philip Whyte
24th August, 2018

“The service has been fantastic so far.

The real time response of my website has been amazing and has enabled me to create the dream platform i always wanted.

Moreover, the fact that the service is very affordable is a very big plus.

Thank you.”

10th August, 2018
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“Thanks for the swift response. Problem solved!”

21st February, 2023
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“It has been wonderful dealing with your company, your services has been the best, I can only hope for more.”

21st February, 2023

“Thank you very much. My application is working fine now.”

Abayomi Dipeolu
22nd February, 2023

“I have seen it now….Many thanks for the prompt response

If I have any issue, I will reach out to you”

Ezeibe Nwaru
25th February, 2023

“Worked like a charm.

Thank you Support!!!

You are a hero!!!”

Kenneth Nweke
25th February, 2023

There service is great”

Brendan @aprokofamily
2nd March, 2023
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“Your service has been superb! Please don’t stop serving us 👏”

taiwo ajibola
2nd March, 2023
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“Their response time is fast. Sometimes issues i feel might take forever, they helped resolve in minutes. These guys are actually good.”

Oyinkansola Sonu
5th March, 2023
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“These guys are actually worth the hype. Joined few months ago and it’s been great using them. Well done guys”

Oluwadamilola Makinwa
5th March, 2023

What do I use? I use Qservers. They are efficient and fast. My hosting package is ridiculously cheap (when compared to Namecheap). Now, I pay 10% of what I used to pay when I was using Namecheap, and the performance is the same.”

7th March, 2023
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“Your team consistently exceed my expectations…Bravo”

Iseniyi Olawumi
9th March, 2023
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“Very Great and Reliable 👍👍”

Otajele Arome
9th March, 2023

“Great company 💪”

20th March, 2023
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“Thank you for the amazing support

Damilola Akinsanya
20th March, 2023
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“Great customer service! The rep that I spoke with was very helpful in answering some of my questions and also assisted in installing my SSL”

solomon omata
17th March, 2023
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“Prompt service rendered….”

16th March, 2023
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“Great company with excellent hosting services and their prices are affordable too.”

16th March, 2023
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“Excellent customer service, very friendly.”

Adesanya Adedamola
16th March, 2023

“I must say I’m loving the experience so far. Had issues installing my SSL and the rep that attended to me via phone support guided me on how to install it and also how to redirect traffic.”

Enny Adepegba
27th March, 2023.
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“Effective customer service… Good services received”

elizabeth oreva
30th March, 2023
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“Thank you for the amazing support”

Damilola Akinsanya
23rd March, 2023
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“Its among the best web hosting companies in Nigeria. I use them for all my web dev jobs and they have an impressive customer service and support team”

Komani Preye
3rd April, 2023

“They are Reliable and efficient. I rarely experience down time except when they are carrying out maintenance, and they even notify me before they do. Their customer reps are also polite.”

Juwon Adejuwon
3rd April, 2023

“They’ve got great service , and their prices are affordable too, especially the hosting. Haven’t had any issues yet. I’m really loving my experience with you guys.
You guys are the best.”

Mayor Adesin
30th March, 2023

“I highly recommend @qservershosting for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient hosting service.”

Komani Tamunokepreye @preyekomani
9th April, 2023

“Recently transferred to Qservers and I have been impressed with the speed and reliability of their servers. Hardly experience downtime. And their customer support is exceptional.”

Tega Asuko
7th April, 2023
“I can confirm @qservershosting have the best customer service in the Nigerian hosting space. Almost lost 2months work and they technically were with me fixing all night.”
Kogi Northern
14th April, 2023
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“It’s been awesome with you guys”

Mario Draxler
19th April, 2023

How many people work in customer care at Qservers?? They reply and resolve issues so fast, I love it.”

9th May, 2023
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“An absolutely amazing hosting company.”

Ewoma Isawhe
24th May, 2023
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“What I like best about Qservers Hosting is their simple control panel. It’s simple to use and navigate.”

Blessing Amos
14th August, 2023
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“Every representative I interacted with was incredibly helpful and took the time to address all of our questions.”

Dami Lola
14th August, 2023
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“Absolutely amazing and seamless service. The customer service were helpful when i had an issue”

15th August, 2023